Sunday, March 1, 2015

The week of wonderful things!

What an awesome way to start out our Monday: My kindergartners finally got to experience their first two hour delay. It's crazy that they made it this long! Mr. Supportive and I were talking last night about how we had them left & right when we were younger. Plus it's nice for mommy not having to rush around and get 4 kiddos ready to leave the house by 8:30.

 Some other exciting things on the list this week:

 I only have ONE more thing to turn in for my CNM application. I am applying to Frontier University. I have had to write two essays, a resume, an application, 3 reference sheets filled out by two professional supervisors (my supervisor at work, and my old OB instructor who is a CNM) and one professional peer (another RN at work), and all of the transcripts from previous colleges attended. I have gotten two of them, just waiting for the last one and they are all ready to be sent it! I will have to wait awhile to find out when/if I start, but I am so excited to have all of that finished at least.

I applied and interviewed for a new position to coexist beside my current PRN position, so I am waiting to hear from them this week. I love the facility and I really, really hope I get the job. They had 3 people interview me and I think they liked me. I was really nervous because of how badly I want the position, but they made me feel comfortable to talk to and gave off a positive vibe towards me.

Now, my weekend summary: Worked Friday night, went to a Chinese buffet Saturday night. Waste of money for me since I can really only eat fruit & salad, but Mr. Supportive and the kids love it. So it was worth it. :) Yesterday we had friends over all day with their kids and then went to the Circus. The kids had a ton of fun, if you don't believe me you should see the toy room! Before: Completely cleaned and vacuumed. After: There's a floor in here somewhere?

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