Sunday, March 1, 2015

My lesson on common sense.

Oh my dearest loving children... there is this thing in life called common sense. It means: if you knock down the hand towel, put it back up. If you use the last kleenex, throw the box in recycling. If I tell you to do something and you say you have to pee, and twenty minutes later you are "still peeing" either you are just playing in the bathroom to get out of working, or you really need to see a doctor. Please remember these things as I pick up after you all day long. If you need more examples, I would be happy to share. Love you always, Mom.

The week of wonderful things!

What an awesome way to start out our Monday: My kindergartners finally got to experience their first two hour delay. It's crazy that they made it this long! Mr. Supportive and I were talking last night about how we had them left & right when we were younger. Plus it's nice for mommy not having to rush around and get 4 kiddos ready to leave the house by 8:30.

 Some other exciting things on the list this week:

 I only have ONE more thing to turn in for my CNM application. I am applying to Frontier University. I have had to write two essays, a resume, an application, 3 reference sheets filled out by two professional supervisors (my supervisor at work, and my old OB instructor who is a CNM) and one professional peer (another RN at work), and all of the transcripts from previous colleges attended. I have gotten two of them, just waiting for the last one and they are all ready to be sent it! I will have to wait awhile to find out when/if I start, but I am so excited to have all of that finished at least.

I applied and interviewed for a new position to coexist beside my current PRN position, so I am waiting to hear from them this week. I love the facility and I really, really hope I get the job. They had 3 people interview me and I think they liked me. I was really nervous because of how badly I want the position, but they made me feel comfortable to talk to and gave off a positive vibe towards me.

Now, my weekend summary: Worked Friday night, went to a Chinese buffet Saturday night. Waste of money for me since I can really only eat fruit & salad, but Mr. Supportive and the kids love it. So it was worth it. :) Yesterday we had friends over all day with their kids and then went to the Circus. The kids had a ton of fun, if you don't believe me you should see the toy room! Before: Completely cleaned and vacuumed. After: There's a floor in here somewhere?

Big kids!

I haven't written for awhile.  I do have some more home made items to post, but I haven't gotten around to it. Oops!  I have been really busy with my new job at the hospital, plus my old job I am still working every other weekend.  On top of that, getting enrolled in classes to further my degree, and all of my motherly duties I have been swamped!

My girls had their first sleepover last night! It was for a girl in Bridget's class and she invited Alaynie too. :-) They had a blast! And it was in our neighborhood, so it worked out well.  They had so much fun! I can't believe how big they are getting.  Where did our little chubby cheek babies go?!  They used to waddle around speaking baby language, sip on sippy cups, and carry their binkies everywhere.  Now they are finishing out kindergarten and getting ready for first grade.  :( 
Cj is getting ready for kindergarten this year which is also unreal.  When we met (when his dad and I started dating) he was just a baby, couldn't walk or talk.  I know I didn't give birth to him but he is still mine and it has been great although bittersweet watching him turn into a little man.  Although he could have started kindergarten with his sisters, we decided to keep him in preschool one more year to let him mature a little bit.  I must say that was a great decision, because he has really excelled in school this year and grown up a lot.  He is doing so much better at counting, knows all of his letters now, and this extra year has really advanced his maturity level.  He is so excited to start kindergarten this year, and although it is going to be sad that the three babies I once knew will now all be elementary school kids, I am super excited for him as well!

Then there is Devan... the little man.  He just amazes me everyday with everything he soaks up.  He can count items to 19, he knows all of his letters uppercase and lowercase, and can sing the ABC's.  He is only 2!  If only we can get him potty trained haha.  Although he knows what it means, will go when I tell him to, he just isn't too interested to use the potty full time.  But that's okay, he will be ready eventually and I admit I'm not too eager for him to grow up.  He is our last, and will forever be my baby!

So there is my update.  I am excited to be going to my first wine and canvas party today with some friends.  Should be interesting! :)